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At the entrance to the new Park Neighborhood in Hadera, where the eastern part of the city meets the Hefer Valley Regional Council, stands Y Box’s flagship project, Villa V.

Architects Giora Gur and Rina Doctor have succeeded in realizing the Israeli dream by planning a unique building complex that enables its residents to enjoy all the luxuries and conveniences of a private home for the price of a unit in an apartment building.

The apartments in Villa V, designed to meet the needs of their inhabitants, are the epitome of urban elegance in a developed countryside.

High standards in Villa V

The buildings are spaced far apart from one another so residents can enjoy unobstructed views from their windows.

  • The terraced design of the buildings affords the apartments maximum exposure to light and air.
  • The building exteriors are clad in high-quality pure white stone. Each entrance has a lobby with six-meter ceilings, an impressive water feature, top-quality flooring and a video intercom.

Villas in the sky

  • A variety of spacious and superior-quality apartments with three, four and five bedrooms.
  • Each apartment has been planned independently and does not share walls with neighboring apartments, so inhabitants enjoy maximum privacy.
  • In each apartment, the placement of the windows allows for three directions of air flow, thus providing maximum air and light, as well as a scenic view.
  • Each apartment has a large double-glazed window that enables inhabitants to enjoy the view without being exposed to external noise.
  • Every apartment has a spacious balcony (26–38 square meters), as well as a pergola.
  • Each apartment is equipped with a large kitchen with elegant, minimalist design, large bedrooms and living rooms, a set-up for a home theater system, a utility room and an adjacent storage space.

Park Neighborhood is home to the largest park in Israel, which spans almost 75 acres of green space. The neighborhood is situated near schools and public service facilities. The inhabitants enjoy easy access to Hadera’s shopping and business centers, as well as all major traffic arteries in the area.

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