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When was the last time you made a long time dream come true?

We, at YBOX, believe that dreams are the most important thing we have and we must never give them up.

The NOHA project is all about making dreams come true. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the heart of a green, centrally located neighborhood, without compromising on any of the things you dreamed of when you first imagined having your own home.

NOHA invites you to discover a new neighborhood experience that combines innocence and nostalgia with progress and urbanity. Come live in a place where you know your neighbors, where the kids play outside before you call them back in from the window. A place where you prepare a little extra food for dinner because the kids just might have a friend over. All this in addition to the highest in building standards and in close proximity to shopping and cultural centers which create the perfect blend of city and country living.

Over the last few years, Hadera has been undergoing an unprecedented upswing in real estate opportunities. Its central location, easy accessibility by public transport and rail services, along with a growing population of young families have made Hadera an especially attractive location for residence and investment. North Hadera takes optimal advantage of all of these qualities and offer one of the last real estate opportunities in a city whose green spaces are quickly running out.

With an inimitable design by the top architectural firm of Gal Or Fishbein, an impeccable standard of construction, and twelve acres of green park land for the residents’ enjoyment – we are calling you to wake up. Your dream is about to come true.

Come get to know NOHA. The new North of Hadera.

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